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Written by Natalia Fisher, E.A.

Total Account Ability LLC as an entity was established in August 2014. However, as a tax practitioner, I have almost two decades of tax seasons under my belt. My tax practice has been growing from the very first day and I am proud to be a local tax practitioner in the town of Warwick, NY, while retaining many connections in the New York City I look forward to helping those who are looking for a quality tax work. 

What kind of Tax Professional can you possibly find in a small village of Greenwood Lake, NY?  My answer is - knowledgeable, experienced and personable. 

Accounting and Tax is my passion. For many it is tedious but I find working with numbers fascinating. My interest in working with taxes began in 1999 with my first job at the small CPA firm in downtown Brooklyn, NY.  As time went by the desire to work on more complex tax projects had led me to a new job, this time in much bigger CPA firm in midtown Manhattan. I spent the next 12 years working with small business owners, high net worth clients and also working on many diverse and interesting tax cases. However, the next chapter in my career began when I moved to Greenwood Lake, NY.  This is when I discovered that I like to work on my own and my long commute to the NYC “has helped” me to make that decision.



What our clients say about us

David Levin, Entrepreneur & Business Development Executive

"I met Natalia at a Warwick Valley Chamber Of Commerce event.  It turned out the timing was right and I was in need of tax advice and accounting services.  She is extremely knowledgable and very easy to work with. She was able to help me with my personal and business taxes,  I highly recommend her and Total Account Ability "

Mireille Mathurin, 1st Senior Client Associate at Signature Bank

"I have met Natalia when she worked at Citrin Cooperman and I was glad to reconnect with her at BlueMatrix.  Being a banker, it is a pleasure to work with Natalia. She takes her work at heart. She is a trustworthy person with a strong sense of integrity and dedication to her work."

Maria Garcia, Controller at BlueMatrix

"Natalia always conducts herself in a professional manner despite the high pressure situations inherent to a small and specialized company like ours.
Her attention to detail and her ability to clarify and apply complex accounting rules and regulations to facilitate reporting, makes her an invaluable asset to our organization. "

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