Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


Bookkeeping Services

We provide bookkeeping services based on the frequency determined by the client and with our recommendation. Whether it is done on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis, we will provide you with professional management reports.  

Incorporation/ Organization services

When it comes to a choice of entity a proprietor needs to consider various options: from business liability to tax filings. We will evaluate your options and suggest an optimal business structure that suits you best. We can then complete incorporation, obtain Federal Tax ID or an EIN, and complete required State registrations, such as registrations for Sales tax and Payroll tax.

Obtaining a Tax-exempt Status

What to start a charity? We will start by incorporating your non-profit organization, provide your organization with basic required by IRS documents and lead you through the process until your form 1023 is filed and approved. It's that easy.

Treasurer Support Services for Tax Exempt Organizations

Are you a tax-exempt organization that has a wonderful volunteer Treasurer, who is not strong in accounting or bookkeeping. Let us help your organization and it's treasurer with the reporting. We will coach him/her on Federal and State responsibilities. Having proper reporting and accounting in place also makes it easier to apply for any type of grant.

Outside CFO/ Financial Consultant

Ok, so you run your company day to day, but would like another set of eyes to analyze your business and provide feedback on potential areas of improvement. That is where we can help and give you analytical tools to compare your company's results to those of your industry. We can also work with you on your budget and cash flow planning.

Organizational tools

What records should I keep and for how long? There are general guidelines specified in the tax law, however, it can change depending on what's been reported in your tax returns. We can help you get organized.